Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Power of Bloggers

Before the election campaign started the bloggers have already started campaigning their party of choice.Even though the jalan raya is fill with bendera-bendera parti but the power of bloggers couldnt be denied.Malaysia people currently is very informative and very up-to-date. If you see it in after the election finish BN lost to 5 state in Malaysia. Kedah,Penang,Selangor and Perak were the state that they have lost.I would like to comment about the lost of BN in Selangor only because im a Selangorian and proud of it The citizen of selangor are burden with many problem such as toll which is increasing from time to time,the petrol rising price..bla...bla..bla..u know it. During the time of the campaign the bloggers already put up the poster and the Barisan Rakyat(People Front's) has done a good job in campaigning in the cyber space. They have started campaigning for years and years. I think this is what the Barisan Nasional miss out. They only control the tV and the newspaper and people are sick of watching and reading them. Why?..because of the lies within it. The citizen of Malaysian is not bodoh....for all the years we have been cheated..but we are stucked..But now we have a media of our own...The bloggers play a very important part in campaign..The BN should start campaigning also in cyberspace..people spend more time in the internet than watching TV..hahaha..god i need a workout(Belly of challenge..haha)..BN should realize this...and the should be aware not just sleeping je..hahaha..The rakyat need a strong leader...kalau kat sekolah pon kte kene rembat ngan cikgu tdo time kelas...ni kat meeting bleh tdo..hahaha..padan muke....The people have spoken..Now is the time where the rakyat rules..Our mind have reform Hopefully)..We need a strong leader to lead us into the challenging world in the future.. hah cukup la membebel...Rakyat dah pandai...if the barisan rakyat tak kota kan janji we will turn our back again to barisan nasional and vice versa...To the politician that have won...dont lie to us...we know what ur doing..BELIEVE IN BARISAN RAKYAT..Takbir!!! Proud of being MALAYSIAN.
What do you think?


aria ayumi said...

am proud to be malaysian too ;)

lily said...

syg nye media pro kerajaan bn byk mcm nak memecah belah kan kaum melayu snirik.. sakit ati lak tgk berita, newspaper smua.. .. waktu2 election smua nak racun pikiran rakyat.. so cari alternatif yang agak pro-BR pastu bandingkan and tgk mana satu penipu. hehe..

mafif said...

We need a strong leader,
yang paling penting, amanah, bijak dan bertanggungjawab

Kita dah 50 tahun merdeka,
minda kita pun mesti merdeka.

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